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Not Sure what Shingle to put on your Roof?

Why was the dog stealing the shingles? He wanted to become a woofer! Haha, all jokes aside. There are many different shingles to choose from when trying to decide on what to put on your roof. Many different angles to take to determine what shingle is best for your house. It might be determined by the location where you live or by what your neighbors have on their roof. Instead of searching endlessly for a roofing company, or over the internet to find you still have not got the answer you need. I have put together an article for you to decide on your own what type of shingle is best for you home. Are you are choosing the right price and the most effective way to get your roofing job done. 

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If you were thinking that replacing your roof was going to be pricey, you are correct. The average cost for a roofing contractor to replace a roof, including tear-off of old shingles and the replacement of new shingles, is around $7500. Altho this price is not set in stone. Not all roofs are the same size and shape, this is an average cost. The price should fall between $5000 to $10.000 depending on if you need roof repair. 

  • The Cost Of Shingles: Choosing the type of shingle you will be going with will be the majoring factor in cost. The cheapest type of shingle to go with is going to be asphalt shingles coming in at an average cost of $2500 “per square.” The pricier option is going to be high-end slate shingles at an expensive cost of $20.000 “per square.”
  • The Cost Of Removing Shingles: If you chose to have roofers to remove your old shingles, this will on average lay down around $1000, or an average cost of $1 to $5 per square foot. Be sure to ask the roofer if they charge per square foot for removal or by the hour. If they are charging by the hour, it will usually land somewhere around $40 to $80 an hour. Other things to think about is if there will be damage under the shingles in your main roofing stricter, such as broken or rotten plywood. 
  • The Cost Of Labor: Take into consideration the cost of labor for the roofing companies help. That will play a role in pricing, along with the adjusted cost for the type of shingle and if extra work will need to be performed.

Picking A Shingle Type

You have picked the price of your shingles along with determining an average cost of labor and work. Now you need to pick what shingle you are going to use. There are many types to choose. Here are a few examples. 

  • Asphalt: Because they are lightweight and easy to install, asphalt shingles are usually the broadest choice for homeowners, mostly because they are DIY friendly. These will usually start around $5000 for a normal-sized roof. 
  • Metal: This is a good long-term investment for your roof if you looking to pay a few extra thousand. The price can be compared to the asphalt shingles but most of the time depending on the type of metal can be just a bit more pricey. 
  • Slate: For a bit of an upgrade compared to asphalt or metal shingles, slate offers a slightly longer life expectancy. You can find these for about the same amount of money as asphalt and metal shingles but they can get quite expensive when compared to a larger house. 
  • Tile: While often they are found less frequently and are more expensive then the others talked about above, they are still quite cost-friendly. Usually starting around $7000 and going up around $20.000 all depends on if you are choosing between clay vs. concrete tiles. They have a high rate of durability and are easy to replace and an easy choice for homeowners to choose between colors and style.
  • Wood Shake: Although wood shake shingles are more expensive and less frequently used, they do add a very unique look and style to your home. Often a wood shake roof stands out very much in a neighborhood and you are easily recognized from a distance. Starting around %10.000, you will be required to do more regular maintenance to your roof but at the same time, the value of your house will increase.

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